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Accessibility at WAG

Wilkes Art Gallery is committed to making art accessible to every individual in the Wilkes County community. As our community continues to grow, our staff works hard to ensure our facilities, programming, and marketing are accessible to all visitors. WAG is continuously learning about new ways to reach the specific needs and expectations of guests and artists.

Ramp Entry to Gallery

Our front and back entrances are equipped with ramps. Usage of ramp entry ways are recommended for those who are unable to easily access stairs. 

Easy Access to Second Level

WAG Studio is located on the second level. Many classes take place on this level and can be easily accessed by elevator. The elevator is centrally located in the gallery. 

Accessible Tours Available

Tours are available upon for those who may have specific needs in order to view exhibitions. Please reach out to Marina Baxley, Accessibility Coordinator, for more information.

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