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2023 Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors of the 2023-2024 membership drive. These members, foundations, and coporate sponsors have given at a level that helps sponsor K-12 educational opportunities at the Gallery, exhibitions, and memberships for other families. 

Kulynych Foundation
Robert Strickland Family Foundation
Thomasine Herring Hayes Foundation
Dan Cameron Family Foundation

Cam Finley
Chuck and Kim Forester
Tonya Bottomley
Ann Boyd
and Luci Smoak
Lisa and Michael Lentz

Lena Lovette

Bill and Karen McElwee
Madelene and Gary Johnson

Mary Spears
Revis and Todd Felts
Joe and Jenny Richardson
Mandy and Ed Marxen
John and Peggy Harwell
Peggy Martin
Bill and Ruth Harris

Ed and Ramona Curtis
Bryan and Anna Pyke

Arts Agencies and Non-Profits

Thank you to these arts agencies and non-profit organizations for supporting our mission and providing funds to further educational opportunities, create arts programming, diversify the arts in our community, and provide opportunities for artists in Wilkes County.

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